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Barbour Jackets, the Pinnacle of English Style

A lot of young fashion victims who are in their early twenties or even younger may just be discovering the fashion trend that is the Barbour Jacket. It is setting the fashion catwalks and the fashion weeks of the fashion capitals of the world aflame. But this jacket is almost as old as many of their great grandparents and is almost synonymous with British country side style and it has been for decade after decade now for close to a century.

The origins of Barbour Jackets came about at the tail end of the nineteenth century when in 1894 a Briton called John Barbour set up a factory in a part of England call South Shields for the purpose of manufacturing and selling work wear from overalls to boiler suits and the like. He developed the first jacket that is popular in England and even abroad today as the Barbour jacket by designing a thin cotton jacket that was also waterproof because the cotton with which it was made was made water resistant thanks to a treatment with a sort of paraffin wax. To this he added little touches like tartan linings and a collar made either out of corduroy or out of leather.

This made the jacket perfect for the notoriously horrible weather that England sees with a lot of rain. It was also perfect for rural country side areas as during the paraffin wax treatment the cotton also developed a resistance to tearing or ripping which was great for walking around in brambles or thorn bushes. The jacket became a sort of uniform for rural Brits for decades and it first started being worn by urban Britons as a fashion statement in the nineteen eighties after some of the more fashionable and iconic members of the British Royal family were spotted at music festivals in these traditional Barbour Jackets.

Fashion conscious women who had never been anywhere near the countryside soon flocked to the nearly knee length jackets and soon Barbour Jackets were the hottest trend in the country. Their reign as the jacket to be seen in ended with the end of the eighties and during the nineties and the major part of the decade after these jackets went back to being rural uniforms. But this year they are once again having their day in the sun and the stylish and practical Barbour Jacket is once again the trend of the season.