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Coaching Vs Consulting - How Do You Decide?

Knowing what to do and actually making it happen can be two very different things. We all know about sports coaches. They work with athletes to unlock hidden potential and help them achieve peak performance. For years Oprah Winfrey struggled with her weight, alternately shedding and gaining pounds. She gained control and found success when she found the right coach.

The focus of coaching is on YOU: your dreams, your potential, your success. Coaching is very personal. A good business coach looks at your vision and your business with the goal of finding what suits you best. Sometimes there are limiting beliefs that need to be examined and changed. You may want to change certain habits to maximize your success. A good coach can help you do that. Coaching is a close relationship focused on bringing out the best of what is already inside you.

The focus of coaching is for you to create a plan that moves YOU forward. Your coach facilitates and partners with you to make that plan truly your own. Your coach encourages, supports, applauds, empathizes, and sometimes pushes a bit to help you move to the next level with your business and your life.

Consulting works best when you know what you want to do, but don't know the best way to make it happen. A consultant comes into the relationship as an expert. You can have the consultant can do most or all of a project after working with you to clarify exactly what you want as a successful outcome. You can also work together in a learning partnership where the consultant teaches your specific skills and techniques. This works especially well when you plan to take complete responsibility for the project once your consultant has left.

Use consulting to accomplish specific goals where outside expertise makes you successful or helps you achieve success more quickly. You might use a consultant for web design, streamlining operations, developing or optimizing marketing and sales plans and procedures. Your consultant may teach you specific skills, like time management or how to manage marketing and sales. You can work with consultants in many ways. One might be a partner who works closely with you over time. Another may work with you for a brief time to accomplish a specific set of tasks.

The focus of consulting is to complete a specific project. Your consultant brings expertise and experience that are new to you. Together you work through decisions that must be made. YOU control all of your business decisions while your consultant provides guidance, additional information, and options based on prior knowledge and experience.

As an example of how coaching and consulting differ, let's assume you want help deciding how to sell your product.

A coach will help you examine your feelings and actions when it comes to selling. Together you will look to see if anything is holding you back and make decisions on what works best for you. Your coach will also be there to help you examine what happened when something doesn't work and to celebrate your successes.

A consultant will show you various sales methods and techniques, explain how each works and what varies between them. You choose how much of the work you will do and what you want your consultant to do. You may have your consultant create sales materials or work with you to design and teach you a specific sales process.

Your consultant will cheer the success of what you create together. Your coach will cheer your growth as a person and as a business owner.

Which is best for you? It depends on your personal needs and preferences.