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Hiking Apparel - Trekking in the Right Boots

Wearing ill-fitted shoes or boots is the quickest way to blisters on your feet and a miserable hiking experience. Of all the types of hiking apparel out there, NONE is more important that a good pair of hiking boots.

In fact the pain alone should be enough to press you into buying a decent pair. They really are the most important investment you can make into your hiking adventures.

When looking for a solid pair of boots or shoes, quality counts. Here are three of the top brands available for adults and kids:

1. Columbia: Regardless of the type of terrain you plan to trek, Columbia has you covered with high quality boots at affordable prices. You can find pretty good deals at , one of the largest providers of Columbia footwear.

2. North Face: It's hard to go wrong with anything that has the North Face logo on it. Their selection of hiking boots is outstanding. North Face boots have been tested and retested to properly hug any foot and provide all the comfort hikers today need on the trail. In fact, these boots are so well made, they are the prime choice of professional hikers.

3. Keen: Moderately priced, Keen offers a wide variety of shoes and boots for almost any hiker -- man, woman, and child. They have a proprietary waterproof membrane that breathes and keeps your feet cool and dry. They're also constructed for long wear on the rocky trails. For both the novice and the expert hiker, Keen offers a fit for your feet that will make your trek very enjoyable.

It would be a tough job to list all the brands of hiking boots and shoes that are out there. When shopping for proper hiking footwear, try on several brands until you find one that just feels right and conforms to your foot snugly and comfortably.

Remember you really want minimal foot movement in the boot while hiking over uneven terrain. Just make sure you take them for a test hike before setting off on your adventure.

And even though you want them to fit like the proverbial glove, they also must be easy to slip on and off. Boots that are too tight will lead to blood flow constriction in your feet causing fast fatigue and possible injury.

The boots or shoes that you select will be one of the most important hiking apparel items you take on your hike. Take the time to try some out and let comfort drive your decision -- not style or cost.