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How to Store and Care for Handbags

Most of the women have more than one handbag. They use the various handbags according to the fashion demands, the situations and the events they have to attend. However, this means that they will have to store their other bags in a manner that helps them in using the bags again without having to destroy its looks and functionality features. Nothing matters more than the shapes of the handbags, which give it their distinct looks. Thus the handbags should be stored in a manner that helps in preserving the shape of the handbags.Never store the handbags by hanging them on the hooks and the hangers.

Also when doing so, make sure that the handbags are empty and only stuffed with the soft cloth. The small clutches can be stored in the baskets which can be kept in the dry areas of one's homes. The base of the container in which the clutches and the small purses are kept should be lined with the soft fabrics, as it will help in curbing the chances of leaving behind impressions on the surface of the possible wrap these purses and clutches in the bubble wraps. The clutches, purses and the other handbags with heavy embroidery or the embellishments should be kept in a manner that they are not destroyed and remain as new as on their first day of procurement.

This is the reason the handbags are kept in the areas, which do not receive direct sunlight or are not prone to the high temperatures, which may cause the fabric and the embellishments to fade. In the homes where pets' live, the handbags should never be placed on the floors, as one's pet might decide to sleep on them. The handbags can also be stored in the empty luggage. This will save the women from dusting and cleaning them on regular basis and the bags from getting damaged at all.

In case the handbags have metallic straps they should be placed inside the handbags when storing them or they might leave impression on the surface of the case of the leather handbags they are oiled with the special leather oils to keep them from chipping in the dry areas. A good wipe with a damp cloth on weekly basis will keep the handbags looking new for the many years to come. Also when storing the leather handbags, the non-porous storing bags should be used as in case, bacteria or mold grows on leather, they will get their nourishment from the leather.