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I Know Why Superheroes Have Theme Music !

Why did Aretha Franklin sing before President Obama was sworn in?

Why does every gym blast music during your workout?

Why does every sporting event begin with the Star Spangled Banner?

Why are Ipod's addictive?

Why do Superheroes have theme music?


To increase productivity, creativity and health immediately, find your theme music. It is scientifically impossible for Batman to defeat his nemesis, the Joker, the Riddler or the Sandman without music. If Superman, Spiderman and the Transformers all have theme music, why not you!

Personally, music is a necessity for survival. When I need to go into deep meditation, I play Kind of Blue - Miles Davis. If I'm feeling romantic, my top choice is Stronger Than Pride - Sade. If I want sounds from Down Under, my Ipod selection is A Rush of Blood to the Head - Coldplay. When I am in a New York state of mind, it's Paid In Full - Eric B. and Rakim.

Music is the best daily stimuli for self-preservation. Every CEO, athlete, entrepreneur, lifehacker, teacher, soldier, etc... needs a melody. But don't take my opinion, I am positive you viewed the HBO telecast of President Obama's pre-inauguration music gala -Stevie Wonder, U2, Beyonce, James Taylor, John Legend, Sheryl Crow, Usher and many more paid tribute. There is a definite reason why the expression of choice was music.

Universally, music was used for communication and as a healing remedy. Mans oldest instrument is the African drum, and the most powerful person in the African village was the drummer. The drummer had to be of a high moral and ethical character, and master the science of cosmology, herbology and anatomy. The village elders understood that the musicians had the power to control the hearts and minds of the people, more importantly the children. Recommended reading is the Healing Drum by Yaya Diallo.

Modern technology can now explain what was known thousands of years ago - music naturally regulates pulse, blood pressure, breathing and mood.

Music has the innate ability to harmonize race, sex, culture and religion. From first hand experience working in the music industry, I've seen musicians for multi-platinum artists, not speak the same language but play in the same band, perfectly.