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Life Coaching As an Occupation

Life coaching is a fantastic occupation to have for the right people. There are those people who are natural talkers. There are those people who are able to build rapport with others easily. There are those who have good instinct and high emotional intelligence. If you are one of these people you could well become a life coach.

It truly is a great occupation and furthermore a very lucrative business to be involved with. In the main there are no, or at least very few, products for you to stock. As a life coach you are offering a service and effectively getting paid for your time. That makes this a high profit business. Yes, you will have a few overheads to cope with. You will need premises that you can coach from, but this can just be the rental of a small office. Indeed in the very early stages you can choose to work from home or travel to your customers.

So given that it is a joy to do and it so happens it is also profitable, how to you go about becoming a life coach?

To become a life coach is not a lengthy, time consuming learning process. Firstly, you need to be the kind of person who has the right personality. As I said at the beginning of the article you need to be a people person, you need to be able to build rapport and you need a high level of emotional intelligence. In the main, if you are interested in becoming a life coach it is highly likely that you will have been attracted to the occupation because you do have the right attributes.

You will need some training, but not as much as you might think. A formal qualification is not absolutely necessary. In the main it will, perhaps, provide some degree of reassurance to your clients, but it doesn't in itself make you a better coach. Good coaches are simply that - they have the right attributes. These attributes cannot be learnt.

What can be learnt of course are skills and techniques to make the most of your coaching. Some form of training will give you this.

It will be through practice and actual coaching that you will improve your skills and develop your own techniques. One way to gain this early experience is, after having done some training, to ask family and friends to use them as guinea pigs. Normally I would suggest you do not coach friends and family, but for early experience they are good development material.

You might then choose to offer some free sessions to people you do not know. Even let them know that you are relatively new and building experience. Some people will be happy to do this for free.

Within no time you will be an experienced life coach, working the hours that suit you, and having a great time in a fantastic occupation.