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Rearing a Child: Advice for Small Children

One of the greatest moments in any human life is to have the experience of becoming a mother or father. With this comes the responsibility of caring, protecting, loving, sharing, providing and many other things including the safety of your child.

All of these things together for first time parents could be a bit overwhelming to the point it cause a little conflict in relationship between the parents, this should be avoided at all cost for the child's sake.

Some of the things we must keep in mind when raising small children is, most of them will be full of energy getting into things that could possible harm them. One way of preventing possible accidents is to child proof your home or apartment.

It would be your duty as parents to search out areas in your home or apartment that could possible be dangerous to your child.

Here are a few things to be aware of: make sure doors are closed to keep fingers from getting smashed, safety caps for electrical outlets, small objects children can put in their mouth, tools of any kind, sharp objects, if there's an up stairs gate it, and keep all medicine in a safe place.

To really be on the safe side every room in the house or apartment should be checked. In your bathroom, the toilet seat should be down to prevent your child from falling in. Things you clean with should be safely put away.

Your bed room; keys, coins, combs, brushes, jewelry these are some things your child could swallow or harm themselves with.

The kitchen; knives forks spoons heavy pots and pans. If you have food on the stove in pans with long handles they should be to the inside for safety precautions. Objects on tables or anything you notice that need paying attention to.

Moving to the outside taking a good look at the front and back of the house for things that could be detrimental or dangerous remove and put in a secure place.

Finally just using a little motherly or fatherly initiative it will keep us safety minded as we go through the process of raising toddlers to become young adults. It would also be fitting to read a book, seek out advice on the internet from experienced moms and dads that can say been there done that, or however your heart will lead you, understanding our whole purpose for all of this is for the safety of the child.